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Hi All –

Thanks for stopping by. You probably got here via the Movement of Sound blog, since I contribute there fairly regularly. Thing is, WordPress will only let me log in there from this account, and not my current blog which is embedded in my website. Not sure why. Some cryptic tech reason no doubt. It seemed easiest to write a quick note here and say if you’d like to learn more about me please visit me at my current site

Thanks, and nice to meet you!


June is Pagan Values Blogging Month

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I just read on my friend Thorn’s blog that Pax has decreed June Pagan Values Blogging month. While my blogs generally have to do with my goings-on as a musician, I also happen to be a Pagan, and am pleased to participate in this discussion.

One of the values in the Pagan worldview that has won my enduring commitment to the path is the reverence for each other’s indwelling Divinity. Pagans have the willingness and ability to see the Godself that shines through each individual, regardless of how clearly – or not – it may be shining through at any given moment.

I feel this leads to a great deal of respect and tolerance for our fellow beings, something which is greatly needed on this war-torn planet of ours. To recognize another’s innate Divinity affirms that being’s sovereignty over his/her own life. If we can live from the basic premise that each being, as an expression of Divinity, has the right to govern their own live, we can eliminate all sorts of problems that arise from striving to police people according to a specific set of beliefs that “everyone” must adopt.

We can begin to listen to each other. We can begin to hear what is important to a person whose beliefs may differ drastically from our own. We can stop reacting and perhaps begin to find solutions that honor everyone’s concerns. We can amplify that which is beautiful, inspired, creative in each other, and see that which is less favorable as merely a shadow that temporarily obscures the brilliance within. When everyone is Divine, everyone matters. Everyone is the Chosen One. This is something that Pagans honor pretty consistently, I find.

There are those who speak against this degree of tolerance – where will it end, they wonder? If we allow same-sex marriage, surely sex with beasts and children will be next! I find that honoring the inherent sovereignty in all beings creates it’s own boundaries quite naturally, and shows these fears for what they are – empty. One who is truly honoring hir own sovereignty will experience it as quite distasteful to trample on another’s. When enacting our own Will impinges on another’s freedom, we must stop, and rethink our tactics. Of course there will always be sticky “grey areas”, but if we can start the dialog from a place of honoring each other, we are ahead of the game. Honoring the divinity/sovereignty in each other is a practice requiring ongoing commitment and self-exploration in order to gracefully navigate the more volatile conundrums of human existence. I have found much of this commitment and self-exploration among my fellow Pagans.

Every man and every woman is a star.

What Matters To You?

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Well, with the majority of shows behind us, and a quick trip home for two awesome concerts, a festival, and some much needed kisses, I at last have time to settle down and write a blog.

So here I sit, in a café looking out at a rambling old cemetery, on a beautiful sunny Portland afternoon, with green everywhere, and I am again struck by how grateful I am to get to do this.

My second album with Thorn, Songs for the Strengthening Sun, is doing well right out of the gate, and it is time now to turn my attentions to finishing the Pandemonaeon album Winter and I have been promising for so long!

So I spend my days hiking, exploring, and writing songs. And in fact, therein lies a challenge! To write a song that you will actually want to sing many times over, that you will want to have associated with you for the rest of your life, is no small feat!

It causes one to consider what things really matter in life, and is very much a magickal act in my eyes. It puts one in a state of self-reflection first, and then creation second. It hones Will, focus, and craft.

Some things that matter to me are – divine inspiration, becoming as the Gods, being masters of our own destiny, contributing to the beauty in the world, striving always to become greater than we are, meeting life with passion and fierceness and zest, drinking as deeply of the font of life as we can. Finding the epic arc of our own lives, becoming a great hero or heroine in a life that matters.

These are the things I think about – and strive to represent in meter and rhyme – when I write, and as such they give me occasion to muse on my own life and how skillfully I am crafting an epic life.

This is something I wish for each and every one of us, and encourage us all not to give up, though we may feel disheartened or far from a life with meaning. But it is the quest, not the end, that shapes meaningful destiny, and I encourage and cheer each of you – and myself – on, to take even a few small steps every day toward reflecting on that which feels most important to you and how you may best participate in bringing that further into fruition. We all deserve epic lives. In fact, I believe it is ours for the claiming!

Alright then – off to figure out how to say something like that in meter and rhyme!

Notes from the Road

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We are having a grand time on tour – I really must do this with far more regularity than I yet have. I love the feel of the road, seeing new sights, meeting new people. We have done three shows so far, the first one in a charming church with great acoustics in a beautiful Portland neighborhood. The second show was in Seattle in a cosy healing arts center, and the third a house concert on a gorgeous peice of property in the hills near Mt. Ranier. Our audiences have all been so appreciative and very supportive. I am pleased to say we are making good money, which I find very heartening as I hope to continue this work indefinitely. There is truly nothing I love more than making music for people and I am deeply honored and grateful that I am allowed to do so and am receiving a level of support that makes this viable.

We’ve got 3 more shows, Tuesday night May 5th at Bier One, and then friday May 8th in Tacoma, then in Ashland on June 1st – check my website for details if you are local and can join us.

I will write more soon and post some pics in a few days – I’ll have some down time on Thursday, but got a few moments in an internet cafe today and wanted to share my gratitude.  

OH! And amidst all the tour excitement I forgot to mention – Songs of the Strengthening Sun is available for purchase – listen and buy here

More details soon when I have more leisure time in a cafe…xoxoxox Sharon

PWN Tour Dates

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Hey friends – for those who read my blog or visit me on Facebook, here are our tour dates. It’d be great to see you if anyone can make it! xoxo Sharon

Friday May 1st

Wilshire United Methodist Church & Native American Fellowship

3917 NE Shaver,
Portland, OR 97212

8 – 10pm doors 7:30

$12, $10 in advance
For advance tix contact

Saturday, May 2nd
Concert and Workshop

Bodysong Healing & Arts Center

943 No. 89th St.
Seattle WA 98103

Concert  8-10PM

Workshop 2 – 5PM

Cost: Concert $12 – $15 sliding scale

Workshop:     $35      pre-reg required 

both:              $40

For pre-reg, contact –
Workshop: Muse Craft – deepening magickal practice through music

Workshop description

Sunday May 3rd

House Concert at SidheHaven

Ranier WA

RSVP required, address and directions given upon receipt of RSVP

RSVP to or Sherry@SidheHaven 360-446-6166 or 253-381-3078 

Tuesday May 5th
Meet and Greet
Ancient Light
10285 Highway 101
Seal Rock, OR 97365

Tuesday May 5th
Bier One

424 SW Coast HWY

Newport Deco District

Newport, OR 97365

6 – 8pm
No “hard” cover
$5 – $15 suggested donation

Weds May 6th


Musecraft:Deepening magickal practice through music
Ancient Light Books

10285 Highway 101
Seal Rock, OR 97376

$15 – $25 sliding scale

1 – 3pm
Workshop description

Friday May 8th

Concert – hosted by Crescent Moon Gifts

FreightHouse Square

440 E. 25th Street
Tacoma, WA

8-10pm doors at 7:30

$10 in advance, $15 at door

Advance ticket buyers are entered in a raffle to win Cds

Info/tix at

June 1st

Concert – hosted by Rowan Tree Coven

Jackson Wellsprings

2253 Hwy 99 N. Ashland OR

6 – 8 PM

$10 in advance only – on sale now at the Rowan Tree Store
Contact Aylah  for tix at 541-488-5361





Extreme Music interview

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Hey all –

I was recently interviewed by Extreme Music. The question we were to address is “What is the spiritual significance of music?” I’ve posted my response, below.


Q: What is the spiritual significance of music?

A: I believe music occupies the same part of the brain and psyche as religion and spirituality. Both speak to the same yearnings, the same desire to expand consciousness and the same certainty that there is more to life than meets the eye. We yearn to evolve into our full potential, and both music and spirituality help us to expand into these places.

I am a Pagan magician, so my relationship with spirituality is oriented toward practice and experience rather than belief and doctrine. Developing a magickal worldview entails becoming aware of deeper layers of reality, and learning to interact with them in skillful and conscious ways. Through practice, we begin to experience the mundane world as just the tip of the iceberg, and the deep realms of dream and vision become every bit as real to us.

Music accomplishes this same goal. Music lifts us out of the limits of our mundane world – the four walls of our domiciles, the traffic jam we are trapped in – and opens up vast dimensions in our minds. It creates space
around us, entire worlds yet to be explored. I believe we would go mad without music or spiritual perception. I suspect it would be a lot more difficult to be an atheist without music, for the psyche craves to go to these places, and perhaps we don’t need religion to get there, but we do need a vehicle of some kind. I believe that music gives us more immediate access to these dimensions than anything else. As Beethoven said, “music is a higher revelation than philosophy”.

There are, of course, more shallow versions of both music and spirituality, that do not challenge us to think or expand but exist merely for escape, comfort, or distraction. Mainstream music and religion both have this effect on me and I find no inspiration in either. I am most moved by, and strive to create, music that creates an atmospheric space in the psyche. To open these portals within seems to me the point of both music and spirituality.

As magickal practitioners, we use ritual to attune ourselves to the forces of nature, to awaken these forces within us and learn to wield them. We see these cosmic and natural forces as energy that has coalesced into specific patterns, and music operates much the same way. In magick we see these patterns as energy and in music we hear them as sound. Both create vast dimensions in the psyche. Listening to and learning to play music is every bit as effective as spiritual practice in learning to balance these forces within us and thus participate more consciously in creation.

Therefore, I have come to see music and spirituality as two sides of the same coin.

To learn more about this project visit

Sierra Club benefit this Saturday April 18th

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Winter and I will be performing in
Oakland this Saturday with friends Land of the Blind and Fontain’s
MUSE in support of the Sierra Club’s fundraising efforts.

We are glad to help them in their cause, and hope you’ll join us!

Here’s the info:

Saturday April 18th
Wild Women in the Trees
Benefit for the Sierra Club
With Fontain’s MUSE and Land of the Blind
Humanist Hall
390 27th Street, Oakland
7:00 – 10:00 PM
Door Charge: $10-25 sliding scale donation
RSVP: Tracy Shepard (510) 848-0800 x307