June is Pagan Values Blogging Month

I just read on my friend Thorn’s blog that Pax has decreed June Pagan Values Blogging month. While my blogs generally have to do with my goings-on as a musician, I also happen to be a Pagan, and am pleased to participate in this discussion.

One of the values in the Pagan worldview that has won my enduring commitment to the path is the reverence for each other’s indwelling Divinity. Pagans have the willingness and ability to see the Godself that shines through each individual, regardless of how clearly – or not – it may be shining through at any given moment.

I feel this leads to a great deal of respect and tolerance for our fellow beings, something which is greatly needed on this war-torn planet of ours. To recognize another’s innate Divinity affirms that being’s sovereignty over his/her own life. If we can live from the basic premise that each being, as an expression of Divinity, has the right to govern their own live, we can eliminate all sorts of problems that arise from striving to police people according to a specific set of beliefs that “everyone” must adopt.

We can begin to listen to each other. We can begin to hear what is important to a person whose beliefs may differ drastically from our own. We can stop reacting and perhaps begin to find solutions that honor everyone’s concerns. We can amplify that which is beautiful, inspired, creative in each other, and see that which is less favorable as merely a shadow that temporarily obscures the brilliance within. When everyone is Divine, everyone matters. Everyone is the Chosen One. This is something that Pagans honor pretty consistently, I find.

There are those who speak against this degree of tolerance – where will it end, they wonder? If we allow same-sex marriage, surely sex with beasts and children will be next! I find that honoring the inherent sovereignty in all beings creates it’s own boundaries quite naturally, and shows these fears for what they are – empty. One who is truly honoring hir own sovereignty will experience it as quite distasteful to trample on another’s. When enacting our own Will impinges on another’s freedom, we must stop, and rethink our tactics. Of course there will always be sticky “grey areas”, but if we can start the dialog from a place of honoring each other, we are ahead of the game. Honoring the divinity/sovereignty in each other is a practice requiring ongoing commitment and self-exploration in order to gracefully navigate the more volatile conundrums of human existence. I have found much of this commitment and self-exploration among my fellow Pagans.

Every man and every woman is a star.


~ by Sharon Knight on June 8, 2009.

4 Responses to “June is Pagan Values Blogging Month”

  1. Lovely post =D. I agree with you that with honouring sovereignity in others lives creates its own boundaries – the intent to harm dissipiates of its own accord.

  2. Hey, no problem, thank Pagan Values Month! I’ve just checked out your band etc and you guys seem awesome!

    • Cool! Thanks for checking us out. We endeavor toward awesomeness whenever possible. ;+)

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